One thought on “20170102_205042

  1. If you have been a Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf Fan then you know her quite a famous quote:
    “Fashion knows no comfort”! Perhaps most of us believe that comfort clothing usually means the opposite of being fashionable. But that’s so last decade.

    Being an absolute Coco Chanel fan, I would like to quote her here in this context:
    “Fashion has two purposes: Comfort and Love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.”

    This is so true especially when you are travelling. Travel fashion is all about finding the right attire for the weather, the right fabric for your skin and comfortable accessories. An ensemble that looks remarkable on you.
    I believe every girl is beautiful in her own way and most of them have their own sense of fashion inbuilt in them.
    My posts on Fashion are just a guide, a reference for all those interested in dressing fashionable and comfortable while travelling.


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