Comfortably Chic!


If you have been a Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf Fan then you know her quite famous quote:“Fashion knows no comfort”! Though I love her fashion in the show and all her quotes, I must say I disagree on this.
Perhaps most of us believe that comfort clothing usually means the opposite of being fashionable. But that’s so last decade.

Being an absolute Coco Chanel fan, I would like to quote her here in this context:

“Fashion has two purposes:  Comfort and Love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.”

This is so true especially when you are travelling. Fashion is all about finding the right attire for the destination/occasion, right fabric for your skin in accordance to the weather along with the right and minimalist accessories to make it an ensemble that looks remarkable on you.
I believe every girl is beautiful in her own way and most of them have their own sense of fashion inbuilt in them.

My posts on Fashion are just a guide, a reference for all those interested in dressing fashionable and comfortable (especially while travelling).


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