The Sillage that every new place leaves within us!

Short Story:
Every new place you visit leaves you its impress, a sillage with you and you come back home adding something to yourself.

I am Sameena Soudagar, A Travel, Food and Fashion enthusiast endeavoring to inspire the world through the depths and experiences of my travel, to create your own travel stories and become more “you” as you do!

Find all about “What to see”, “Where to eat” and “How to dress” through me as you explore!

More about me here –>I am Sameena Soudagar!

Long Story:
As I sat down to write my very first article for this blog, I started thinking again, “why should I do this? What is it that I want to share with the world which hasn’t already been told? Is this about my destinations and what I wore, where I ate, what I did during the course? And can I call it a story? But what’s a story without a soul?”

As I kept questioning, I found my answer. I guess I always knew!

Every journey irrespective of the destination will have a story. Travel anywhere and you would have a story of your own which would mean something to you, which stays with you for a lifetime. And every new place/destination gives you something that becomes a part of your character. You are left with a scent, a sillage that changes you forever from within and you come back home adding something more to yourself, something more than what you were.

It is that impression, that sillage from my destinations that I want to share. The depths and experiences from my travel stories that I want to present and inspire you to create your own.
Don’t just Travel; Become more “you” as you do!

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