The Airport Lookbook – Part 1

Hi There!

This lookbook is curated from my recent trip, I traveled from India to UK, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands that included many flight journeys.

Airports are a major part of our travel journeys. And we all love to start off our voyage in vogue. But those long flights, night journeys, multiple terminals, excessive walking and last minute packing can be so stressful that you might be tempted to pick those pajamas or something random and give up on style for the flight journeys!

But dearies, gone are the days of selecting one out of two, choosing between either stylish outfits or comfy pajamas, No way!  This is the era of having them all. For all the ladies out there, uniquely beautiful, why compromise when we can have it all! In this context, I would like to quote my notorious one-liner bio of all time 😛

“All I want is everything!! ” 🙂

Below are some of my attires that were very comfortable and stylish enough for me!

My airport outfit while traveling to London via Dubai!


I usually prefer sneakers while traveling. But If traveling through Dubai/Heathrow or other huge airports, comfortable walking shoe hands down!


Travel fashion is tricky though. There are many limitations.

  1. Limited packing – You can’t take your entire wardrobe everywhere!
  2. Weather sensitive- You also need to be prepared for the weather at the destination.
  3. Quick set attires – You won’t have much time while traveling.

Limited packing:- I would seriously suggest you not to be those unprepared tourists or uncool fashionistas who carry a lot of luggage, almost everything and end up spending extra bucks for overweight. Sparing those very few times where it can be inevitable, for example, if you are going to cold places for a long holiday, where you might have to carry heavy jackets and lots of warm clothes.

But otherwise, it’s all about planning well and packing right!


Can’t live without my stole, It keeps me warm and cozy and adds a splash of color to the outfit!  @ Prague Airport

Weather Sensitive:- You will have to plan your attires based on the weather conditions outside the airport as well and be prepared for inconsistency.  For example, if it is going to be freezing once you land, carry relevant winter gear in cabin luggage and make sure that it blends right with the current airport attire.

And sometimes, depending on the airport or aircraft you might feel a little cold irrespective of the weather outside. Put on a colorful scarf or an oversize stole or a cardigan.

Remember, you look more beautiful when you are both comfortable and chic!




Quick set attires:- You might attain perfection in your first airport look, but in the later part of the travel, trust me there is always no time! So don’t try getting creative and start thinking from scratch during your journey. Have everything planned and set aside. Few spillovers shall always be there depending on the situation.That’s alright!

Also, don’t plan too many things for the airport. Best thing would be to learn and plan to wear same things uniquely to create distinct attires.

On my way back to India! @Mumbai airport!



For a pleasant experience, it helps to wear pants or any bottom wear that can let you stretch your legs with ease. Avoid wearing tight-fitting jeans that don’t stretch because they can be constricting during the long flight. The pants and jeans that am wearing here are stretchable. Also, I was traveling considering the cold temperatures during my trip and hence I chose these pants that kept me warm and comfy.


I shall keep posting more lookbooks from my upcoming travels to cover all the seasons 🙂 Hope you liked this post! 🙂


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