A Secret affair at Rebak Island

Ever been in awe of that private Island and the beach house that Edward & Bella visit in the movie/book – Breaking Dawn -1? I am sure most of the girls know what I am talking about, if not the guys. I wouldn’t say I was a fan of the series but I did watch all the parts and was in love with the Island scenes. Of course that was shot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But then, for me, Rebak Island came very close to it. And this will hold true until I discover something more beautiful and private than this.


Rebak Island is one of the many Islands and Islets of Langkawi, privately owned by the Taj group. And there is just this resort on the whole island. If you are here during the off season, nothing more like it. With a few guests in the resort, the Island feels your own with Taj’s service at your command! There can’t be a better gift to pamper you.

I didn’t really plan for Langkawi. This trip was a surprise from a dear friend. Sometimes it so happens, we find ourselves trapped in our own lives, in our own thoughts that they get clogged inside and we tend to lose ourselves. Did it ever happen where you felt that things don’t seem falling into place, ever felt some kind of emptiness surrounding you? Most people might not even realize the state. Some might call it a quarter life crisis, some just call it life’s routine, perhaps accept and accustom. I am not sure if I can comprehend the exact feeling into words, but that does happen to everyone I believe. I didn’t really know how to unclog, refresh my mind back then. It was here that I realized how few destinations heal us from within. They make you discover few places in your heart you had never been before.

For a person like me who cannot be away from the hustles of the cities, getting lost on an Island with the vast sea, the flora and the fauna was quite enchanting.


The only way to reach this Island is through a boat or ferry from Langkawi which was taken care by the Taj Vivanta personnel.


The resort is quite, native and beautiful. The rooms and villas are quite far from each other, surrounded by lush green trees and plants on three sides and ocean on the fourth side.

DSC03298DSC03326 (1)

From a bedroom that directly opens up to the beach, waking up and walking on the white sands in the morning and the cool waves gently touching the feet felt nothing less to heaven. It’s so serene; it really helped clear a lot of clog and stress in the mind.


Afternoons passed in the balcony or on the sun lounge at the beach, writing, inspired by the depths of the ocean or just staring into the sea, in bliss.


The next best part of this holiday was its food. The food served in the cafe was extremely delicious. I didn’t order anything peculiar or finesse. It was just some soup, steak, fish and chips etc. and all delicious. One afternoon I craved to have some pasta and requested the chef to customize it for me. This is something that I always do, getting my pasta custom made. It goes like this, Penne with broccoli, mushroom, sun dried tomato, zucchini and black olives with cream sauce. And I must say that was one of the most delicious pasta I ever had. So luscious that I am drooling right now, looking at the image below as I write this post. A very simple serving of Fish and Chips was also scrumptious for the taste buds 🙂

As they rightly say, “Good Food = Good Mood”! My senses were uplifted at once.

DSC03353 (1)DSC03352 (1)

This just doesn’t end here; the next best part of the holiday was the Spa. A regular aroma therapy but just that it was under the open sky in between the lush green trees overlooking the sea.  I don’t have any picture of this as I was indulged in the deep spa rejuvenating myself.

And finally the moon deck! On request, a private dinner was arranged at the moon deck which is located at the tip of this Island. As you sip your soup, savoring the entrée, the waves gently hit the rocks beneath and a star studded night completes the experience.


A holiday to remember! Hope you like this post.

Tata !


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