The Chants of Pushkar Sands!

On this short soul searching trip, our itinerary had only 3 places of Rajasthan. Pushkar|Ajmer|Bhangargh

There is so much in Puskhar to absorb, its religious essence, the Brahma temple, the Ghats etc.. But my journey isn’t just about exploring the quintessential Pushkar. There is a hymn in the very air of this tiny village. The hippy culture mixed with religious chanting gives you a different dimension given you are in the right mood for it.

We started our Pushkar tour 15 kms away at a resort, Bhanwar Singh palace where we resided. We hired cars from Jaipur and drove to Pushkar which took about 2.5 hrs, we reached around afternoon.  Bhanwar Singh Palace is a royal heritage resort on Ajmer-Pushkar bypass surrounded by the lush green Aravalli mountains. I always feel very pleasant and home every time i visit Rajasthan. Could be probably because I spent 4 years at BITS, Pilani, Rajasthan during my graduation and the scent of the sands still linger in me. I have had some of my most memorable experiences here.

Post lunch we went out towards Pushkar for a Camel safari around the village going through the streets and outskirts – which by the way was one hell of a ride given the bumpy roads. Make sure you have a good backbone strength for this or you might want to book a spa appointment after heading back 🙂

The safari ended at a small lake, where we could spend some lone time with the sunset.

After dark, we strolled aimlessly along the streets near the Pushkar Ghat savoring the street food. You get to eat the authentic Rajasthani food like Gatte ki sabji, Dal bhati churma etc. at a very fair price.

The next morning was something we were looking forward for. The aim was to chill, take in the air and absorb the soul of the place and clear the head. Something which none of us could find near the crowded temple or the ghat so headed to a coffee shop. There are a few good hippy style coffee shops here in Pushkar of which this one was very good.It was closed for visitors though due to a pre-booked reservation for a private lunch party. But we usually never give up in such situations, persuaded the manager to have us till lunch and hola! we had the place all for ourselves till lunch.

Overlooking the lake, serving soothing semi continental food, it was perfect! Just how we wanted it to be.

Simple, Serene and Lively!

I hardly have any pics of this place as we were so indulged here, almost lost track of time. Some of them just stared into the lake and the mountains, while some meditated. Some were having deep one-to-one conversations, while some were religiously indulged in savoring the food, and I sipped my coffee observing everyone and everything as my favorite music played in the background from my Bose earphones.

Towards the afternoon, we headed to another hippy restaurant called “Mango Hard Rock” which completed the Pushkar experience. Good Food and the most notorious “Magic Lassi” that made the day. If you are visiting Pushkar do try this for a trippy experience if you know what I mean 😛

And if you have a gang like mine, nothing more like it 🙂

That was the end of Pushkar visit for us as we headed to another religious town of Ajmer towards the evening!

Though it was a very short visit, for me it was just about right and it definitely set a foreground to my next visit, Ajmer. A Sufi experience, that transported me to a different world for a while.More about it in my next post.

Thanks for reading this story, hope you enjoyed it and has helped u in some way. I shall soon be writing more about my travel to Ajmer and Bhangarh and also about my travel to other places in Rajasthan.

Tata !

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