I am Sameena Soudagar!


img_20190107_133220_466I travel to evolve, energize and experience. I am not a nomad, not a vagabond. I travel to get back home to where i belong, to do what i do with more efficiency, to live more lively. I am also a Food Lover, Fashion enthusiast, modest Philosopher, fairly good story teller and a corporate Project Manager!

Every journey irrespective of the destination will have a story. Travel anywhere and you would have a story of your own which would mean something to you, which stays with you for a lifetime. And every new place gives you something that becomes a part of your character. You are left with a scent, a sillage that seeps in you forever and you come back home adding something more to yourself, something more than what you were.

It is that impression, that sillage from my destinations that I want to share. The depths and experiences from my travel stories that I want to present and inspire you to create your own.

Welcome to Travel Sillage.
Don’t just Travel; Become more “you” as you do!



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